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Perpetual Auditions

Here at PACA, we have a Perpetual Auditions program, that allows performers to submit an audition application, at any time, to be considered for any of our upcoming shows. We believe in creating a flexible and inclusive audition process that allows performers to showcase their talent and be considered for forthcoming productions throughout the year, providing opportunities for all aspiring artists to shine. With our perpetual auditions, you can be noticed and considered for roles that align with your unique skills and passion, without being limited to specific audition dates.

Perpetual auditions refer to an ongoing audition process that remains open and active throughout the year, allowing performers to submit their materials and be considered for upcoming productions at any time. Unlike specific audition dates for a particular show, perpetual auditions offer flexibility, enabling performers to be in the pool of potential candidates for various productions or future casting needs.

By submitting an audition you agree to be considered for future productions and may be contacted to attend callbacks.

PACA acknowledges the traditions and culture of the first nations peoples from the lands on which we rehearse and perform. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging.